10 Reasons to start cycling

  1. Cycling is one of the most enjoyable ways of getting fit – and enjoyment means you are more likely to stay at it and therefore keep fit!
  2. Cycling is one of South Africa’s most popular sports.
  3. It is a fantastic way to explore our beautiful country, whether you opt for road cycling or mountain biking.
  4. Cycling gives you a chance to get outside in the fresh air.
  5. Cycling is a lot cheaper than driving a car…a bicycle doesn’t need petrol.
  6. It is very social; you can cycle with a friend or the family. It’s also an easy and great way to meet new like minded people.
  7. Cycling is also an individual sport and you can choose to go out alone (although not recommended due to safety). When you ride alone, you can set your own pace and choose the distance you want to ride.
  8. You can set goals such as completing 94.7 and the Argus cycle races.
  9. You have a lower risk of injury, as cycling is low impact and non-weight-bearing/
  10. Cycling is a reasonably priced sport. You can get a pretty decent quality bike without paying an arm and leg for it. There are many sites that sell good quality second hand bicycles, for those who aren’t sure if they will like it. (see www.bicycle-trader.com)